Sand Art Video - Terms and Conditions


  1. A package must be fully utilized within 1 (one) calendar year, otherwise be deem as void.
  2. Customer must make payment of at least 65% of the total project cost in order for the project to commence.
  3. Promotional Packages are not to be re-sold and are strictly non-transferable. Usual priced packages are allowed to be transferred.
  4. All payment to SandArtVideo are strictly non-refundable.
  5. A promotional package may contain up to a maximum number of scenes, after which additional charge per scene at the usual rate will apply.
  6. For background music mastering (if applicable) customer must provide the music in MP3 format. The customer indemnifies SandArtVideo from all damages arising from copyright or royalty issues surrounding the music used.
  7. Customer must settle the bill before the masterpiece video can be released. We will not entertain any change request or download request beyond 7 days of providing the download link.
  8. Buddy packages are viewed as two different orders at 50% of the package price, except that payment for Buddy packages have to be made together.
  9. Change requests which deviate from the approved storyboard/draft are chargeable at the prevailing rate on a per scene basis. If a proposed change to one scene is in such a way that it will affect other scenes, the charge will be on the total number of scenes to be redrawn.
  10. To ensure every customer gets their sand art video on time for their wedding, our production team process orders based on urgency (wedding date) and package type. Although usual-priced orders has a higher priority over promotional ones, we assure your project to be completed at least 3-7 days before your wedding (except for expedited orders).
  11. Upon commencement of project, customer has a duty to remain contactable and provide input (e.g. approval of drafts) whenever necessary, otherwise the project may lapse.