Frequently Asked Questions - Sand Art Video



1. What exactly is this sand art video all about?

Sand art is about making drawings with hands and sand. We are specialists in making romantic sand art videos for special events e.g. wedding, proposal, birthdays, anniversaries. It is a new, unique and special way to convey your message.

2. Why are there so few videos belonging to past customers on the website?

This is because we place utmost respect to our customers' privacy. You will also be assured that your video would not be publicly screened without your permission.

3. How much does producing my own unique sand art video cost?

Every order is unique. Please go to "Customize Your Order" section to customize your very own sand art package that suits your needs and budget!

4. How many minutes does each video last?

There is no precise rule on how long or short each sand art video must be, as long as your audience is adequately entertained throughout the entire video. We recommend an average of 1 minute length for every scene i.e. 6 minutes video length for a 6-scene story.

5. What decides the length of the video?

The number of scenes will affect the length of the video, together with the length of the background music. If you have opted for your choice of background songs/music, please choose a song or songs that add up to your desired video length.

6. What is the procedure / flow like?

An initial payment of 65% shall be paid up and an invoice/receipt will be issued. You shall either provide us with detailed descriptions of the scenes that you wish to be drawn, or share with us more about the love story so we can design and conceptualize a storyboard.

7. Who owns the copyright of the video that has been produced?

You will ultimately own the copyright of your video. The copyright of the background music/songs belong to their respective owners.

8. What is the anatomy of a typical sand art video?

There is no rule but most of the time a wedding sand art video's storyboard goes like this:

Scene 1: Opening scene - showing Bride's and Groom's names [optional]

Scene 2: Depicts how Groom and Bride got to know each other

Scene 3: Depicts how both of them fell in love

N scene(s): 1 or more scenes depicting romantic incidents that have happened between them, or other significant events
Second-last scene: Depicts the proposal

Final Scene: Depicting the wedding - Bride in wedding gown and Groom in suit

9. What is the shortest time to produce my sand art video? What if I need it to be done urgently?

The standard turnaround time is 10-20 working days, excluding the time taken by you to make approvals on storyboard and drafts. We do offer expedited service at a nominal fee.

10. Where is your office? Do we need to meet up?

We are a Singaporean company (KLOGE LLP) incorporated in 2012. Our operations are fully online and we have done this for coming to a decade! We communicate 100% over e-mail or in some instances via phone. There is no need to meet-up and all payments can be made either via bank transfers or credit cards.